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Jessie Coles

While I have had no time to go to galleries, studio visits or museums while in DC, it is all I do in Charlottesville. I visit for about at week every month to work on the Martha Jefferson Hospital project. What a joy! We are building an amazing collection by local artists.

Jessie Coles paints how I would like to paint. Babka and lemons pictured above is everyone's favorite painting. We are commissioning an artist, Scott Supraner of Hawksbill Studio to create a ceramic sculpture that references Jessie's painting. They will hang side by side in the hospital. I can't wait. The next few posts are studio visits we've had over the last month or two in Charlottesville.

Rob Browning

I love, love, love Rob Browning. His great uncle was one of the founders of Martha Jefferson Hospital, and he is just an extraordinary painter. I own several small works, one was a lovely gift from Rob.  Below are a charming series of houses that are in Martha Jefferson's permanent collection.  Our art committee members have become great collectors of original local art as well!
Rob and the next two artists, John Hughes and Tom Tartaglino are all represented by Nichols Gallery in Barboursville. Curator,  Beth Nichols has a great eye and has been a wonderful resource for us, she and her artist/husband Fred Nichols have also generously donated work to the MJH collection. Nichols Gallery web site here  Rob's web site here

John Hughes

Its always great to see John Hughes and see his new work.  Below a painting we purchased on an earlier studio visit.  John's web site here

Tom Tartaglino

Tom showed us his beautiful paintings, several went into the MJH collection and I believe several when into the collection of one of our committee members! Its been a marvelous experience for everyone, artists, gallery owners, and the MJH community.   Below one of our purchases.  Tom's web site here

Vee Osvalds

Vee is making a beautiful pendant light for our lobby of Martha Jefferson Hospital, above is the hanging structure. Below is a project he is working on for another client.  Vee's web site here

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