Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jessie Coles

While I have had no time to go to galleries, studio visits or museums while in DC, it is all I do in Charlottesville. I visit for about at week every month to work on the Martha Jefferson Hospital project. What a joy! We are building an amazing collection by local artists.

Jessie Coles paints how I would like to paint. Babka and lemons pictured above is everyone's favorite painting. We are commissioning an artist, Scott Supraner of Hawksbill Studio to create a ceramic sculpture that references Jessie's painting. They will hang side by side in the hospital. I can't wait. The next few posts are studio visits we've had over the last month or two in Charlottesville.


Blogger Unknown said...

I was trying to find out information about Jessie Coles (who's work I found in Cville at Muses, Art for Living, and fell in love with it!) I stumbled upon your blog in my search and have to let you know that the last time I was at Martha Jefferson Hospital, driving a friend for a procedure, I took photos of the art for my own blog because it was so beautiful and it made me love MJH for caring so much about how people feel as they wait, often, for scary procedures. And you are responsible! Brava! Kate

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